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What would it be like to work with me?

Clients Speak

"There is no selling in sales, only solutions" 


- Bert Yapples


Sales & Technology

"Brian came with highest recommendations. He was said to be the master of sales and sales leadership. Brian really got everything right, and on the first try." "His price was half that of his competitors who seemed very salesy, unfocused, and very dismissive of the résumé portion of the work. I found them very irritating."

"Brian’s business experience, sales career, education, and former roles as a hiring manager and recruitment firm owner all contributed to a process that was devoid of confusion and full of clarity." "Brian is both serious and fun. Stop looking right here. You’d be nuts to hire anyone else."   

Executive Leadership

"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Brian on a few occasions, I can honestly say that working with him has led to exceptional results for me each and every time."

"He'll get you started with great paper, but more importantly, he will get you past the finish line with great strategy."

"What I like best when I work with Brian is that he not only knows my business challenges inside and out, but he also takes the time to get to know me inside-and-out as well, and the resulting collaboration is truly remarkable."

Man Working at Desk

Logistics & Supply Chain

“After receiving a first draft of my résumé from Brian, I was blown away. Absolutely blown away.”

“Brian is a business person who applies impressive literary skills, sharp insights, and a strong track record of his own results in sales, finance and IT.” “Brian's SCM industry expertise is stunning. He can talk shop on all logistics and supply chain matters…” “With a strong sense of branding and channels […], Brian’s global orientation and knowledge of trade, channels, and even cultures, is truly encyclopedic.”

“The single most distinguishing factor with Brian is his ability to teach you how to put his products to best use.”

Female Engineer

Construction, Engineering, and
the Skilled Trades

“I got more than a great résumé, I got an experience of a lifetime.”

“After having made 300+ attempts to get attention with no response whatsoever. I immediately got calls off my new résumé along with compliments.”

“A great benefit was having more time to talk about the jobs and companies that I came in contact with, as opposed to a résumé review taking up so much time.”

“He's a fun, off-the-beaten-path guy with a rock star personality and comedic stage presence.” 

Female Engineer
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