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Curriculum Vitae - The "CV"

The curriculum vitae, also known as a person's CV, is a living curriculum. This is not a traditional résumé, and requirements vary from region to region if not country by country. United Kingdom (UK) CVs trend towards traditional renderings of one's duties and accomplishments, with deep dives into every area of life, from academic publications to awards as any sort of hobbyist. Irish and Australian résumés mirror more of a United States résumé, with aggressive bullets and boasts. Australia still widely uses traditional CVs in areas such as academia, a largely outmoded custom in the US. In fact, academic CVs have been supplanted by aggressive résumé-writing within university, scientific, clinical, and research settings. 

Irrespective of any résumé realities, always use a curriculum vitae style when a CV is expressly required. 


Whether one has a photo on one's résumé or not differs widely across Europe and EMEA, with Middle East and Balkan styles that may or may not require listing private details that could be illegal to either ask or divulge in the UK or United States (US). Nuanced knowledge in these arenas is rare in the résumé world. 

Whether your resume is for a position in the DACH region, The Maghreb region, South Africa (SA) or Romania, résumé writer Brian has you covered with English résumé writing for global candidacy, ex-patriate dossiers, and worldwide screening for any commercial purpose. Clients needing academic CVs for research, scientific, innovation, or commercial purposes are welcome. Academic cases are only taken on when there are strong ties to the major sectors and revenue organizations. Professors who work with me typically hold patents, sit on boards, and participate in entrepreneurial ventures. Such CVs are typically for joint ventures (JVs), private equity (PE), venture capital (VC), or joining a board or other prestigious body.  

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