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My focus is not on being a brand. My brand, if anything, is the back room. 


My work is not about me. I put my clients out front in their world. 

My world is my writer's desk, not a video reel.


It is a desk that delivers results. 


- Brian Brandt

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The Most Reliable Resume Writing Subcontractor on the Planet!

As a member of the Professional Association of Résumé Writers & Career Coaches (PARWCC) and Career Directors International, Inc. (CDI), my résumé writing services have been proven since 2003. 

I am the founder of VenatiQuest, a recruitment firm registered in 2003 to serve the talent needs of healthcare, medical device, information technology, and financial services clients. 

In 2007, formal résumé services were launched. That culminated in the formation of Questory. Registered in 2014, the firm is focused on writing résumés for senior leadership professionals, highly-specialized talent, and driven folks as varied as plumbers and CTOs.  


After many years in career services, the selling atmosphere has changed quickly and dramatically. It requires competitive and daily marketing practice. That's just not who I am.


My love is writing and serving the person or mission. In 2023, I decided that I might as well become the most reliable résumé writing subcontractor on the planet.

This allows me to focus on what I love, which is the product. 

If you feel I might be a fit, be in touch. You can grow your business by handing cases off to me as a reliable revenue partner, and you can count on me to fulfill some cases you might not otherwise sell. 


Talk about combining super powers!

Love always, 

Reliable Brian

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