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How to end an interview...

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Your parting words should not be your dying words. Don't put your candidacy in a coffin by asking whether you got the job; what next steps are, please; or what the prospective employer and interviewers thought of you. KEEP IT SIMPLE

Just assess for next steps. That'll get you all you need. And don't ask outright.

Stating, "Well, whatever happens next in your selection process, I hope I'm a part of it" or asking, "Should I get worried if I don't hear from you in a week or so?" (with a cheery and expectant face) are two examples that go miles beyond what you'll get by asking "What comes next?" in a dry way, which can come across as insecure -- or worse, demanding.

End your interview with panache and style. Adjust that to the audience, and keep your parting words real enough to remain both memorable. Being approachable is one thing. Creating a connection is another. That draws them in.

Here are a dozen winning closes I have heard post-interview that correlated to hire.

1) Every time the phone rings, I'm going to be hoping it's you.

2) This was just great! I'll clear space in my garage this weekend for the new company car.

3) You made me wish I didn't have other things going on. Thank you so very much for a great experience.

4) If a door opened for me here, I'd walk through it for sure. I'll be awaiting word.

5) Should I call the other guy and tell him no?

6) I'm between a rock and a hard place. Your timelines might find me passing up a promotion.

I'd be crazy not to take if I knew I wasn't going to end up here. Should I pass on it?

You get the idea.

Brian Brandt is a résumé writer, career expert, and job search strategist.

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