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Résumé Writing Services for Rising Professionals, Senior Leadership, and Executive Clientele. 

Finance | Financial Services | Information Technology | Technology Operations | Supply Chain and Logistics | Industrial | Manufacturing
Automotive | OEM | Mining | Procurement | Private Equity | Venture Capital | Innovation | Life Sciences | Biotech | Pharmaceutical
Medical | Medical Device | Physician | Hospital Administration | Pharmacy | Nursing Leadership | Clinical Research | Data Science


My name is Brian Brandt.

I'm a résumé writer, ghost writer, published author, and columnist offering executive résumé writing services. 

I've been a hiring manager in financial services, technology, healthcare, science, and manufacturing. I've been a recruiter at every hiring desk imaginable -- from human resources to corporate recruiter; to vendor-on-premises and contract recruiter; to recruitment firm owner and agency recruiter.


I speak the language of the sectors I serve, and I offer industry experience and segment knowledge that my peers simply cannot match. I make a big difference in my clients' lives, and I also help other career services firms by fulfilling complex, surplus, and global cases. 

Résumé Writer

Résumé Writing & Career Services

I won't promise you more interviews. You should get better interviews, and calls to interview for the opportunities you really want. I will get you into conversations that feel like job offers.


Your phone screens and first interviews should not be résumé reviews. They should cover the topics any second or third interview would! If your résumé leads to increased activity, you've gotten a good piece of paper.


A truly exceptional résumé leads to conversations about the future you want, and that is the kind of résumé I create for you.

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